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Grump Weed Inc. is a small Canadian craft cannabis company. We are located in Minnedosa, MB. Our goal is to produce consistent AAAA quality, pesticide-free cannabis sold at fair prices. We accomplish this by growing cannabis small scale, using advanced aeroponic growing techniques, using genetics from the top breeders in the world, and with local owners who give personal care to each plant.

Growing cannabis small scale allows us to create the perfect environment for our plants. It allows us to give personalized training and attention to each plant.  It allows us to ensure that every plant receives the perfect ingredients. All our flowers are hung to dry, slow cured and hand trimmed.  


We use aeroponics, which suspends the roots in the air and delivers water and nutrients as a mist. This way, we use 90% less water and 70% fewer nutrients than traditional methods while ensuring optimal growth and quality. 

We focus our efforts on microbial prevention instead of microbial treatment. All our cannabis is grown in a sealed cleanroom facility. All our cannabis is grown without any pesticides or beneficial insects. We use only natural and organic IPM methods (cleanliness) to cultivate our plants, ensuring the highest quality and purity of our product. No chemicals, no bugs, no worries. Just pure cannabis goodness. All our harvests have passed testing without radiation, letting us bring you non-irradiated products. 

Follow us on Instagram for updates. @GrumpWeed. 

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